Friday, October 29, 2010

Chicago Trip: Day Two

After dinner on Thursday night, we stopped by the hotel and Taylor introduced me to someone very special to her. Meet Natalie.

Natalie is Taylor's American Girl and she is part of the reason that we decided to stay in Chicago for the weekend.
I was first introduced to American Girls when my own daughters were in elementary school. Back then it was the historical books that were all the rage. We read books on Felicity who lived in the American colonies and Kit from the Great Depression.
Now, you can pick out an American Girl that looks like your girl...hence, Natalie. Since Taylor's birthday was just a week away, we decided to make Friday morning all about her and Natalie.

We got up early and dressed for brunch at American Girl.
Here are Taylor and Natalie leaving the hotel with their hair styled the same.

They had the place of honor at the American Girl Cafe.

I have to say, brunch was delicious. One of the best meals we had while we were in Chicago.

Dessert! Something as simple as pudding and a sugar cookie made to look very elegant. (And the pudding was delicious to boot!)

After breakfast, Natalie enjoyed some time at the salon and spa. She had her ears pierced and her hair styled.

There was also an American Girl hospital, a bakery, a t-shirt design center...and lots of opportunities to SHOP! You will see evidence of that in a few days!

After spending three and a half hours at American Girl for Taylor's birthday...we headed out to the Navy Pier.

The Navy Pier is home to all things fun. While there, we watched a juggler perform, had lunch (Chicago Hot Dogs for me), bought souvenirs, watched Pirates perform, took a boat cruise to view the Chicago architecture...

where we saw old and new buildings...sometimes even side by side like these...

...rode some carnival rides (which Madison loved and which made me very nervous)...

the 15 stories tall Ferris wheel FREAKED me OUT! I took this picture from the ground just so you could see how tall it felt to me!!!!
After Navy Pier, we took a taxi back to the hotel. (Taylor had been wanting to take one since we arrived and I was glad not to be walking for a little while!) After a little bit of a rest, we headed out to Bandera's for dinner.
It was a long day...and I was happy to get back to the hotel for a little shut eye!

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