Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bulldogs Vs Raiders

Is it just me or do we play A LOT of maroon teams? Maybe I notice because of maroon being Texas A&M and WHS colors...but it seems to me that about half the teams we play wear maroon just like us.

In this case, the Bulldogs are in the white jerseys.

This past Thursday, we took a little drive into Houston. Since there was no 'JV white' game, the game started promptly at 5:00. Too bad they gave us the wrong location and we spent forty minutes trying to find the stadium and then another 15 figuring out where to park!

We missed Will's fumble recovery!

But we did get to see him do a lot of blocking. (And since it was such an early game, the pictures are pretty darned clear!)

See that determined look on his face? I would be scared if I was that other guy.

Head to head showdown!

Looks like he is having a pretty good time at this football thing.

His jersey number was their score for the night.

It was such a blowout for the Bulldogs...and the other team had so few fans...that I couldn't even make myself cheer loudly.

A Homecoming victory for JV Maroon!

Since the game was so early, and his Aunt Sharon had come in from Arkansas to watch him play...he knew that dinner out was in his future.

We didn't have to ask him twice if he wanted to go with us instead of riding the bus!

Here is his #2 fan...his sister, Bri.

She not only painted up my truck (as seen in yesterday's post)...

but hers too!

And after dinner at Alicia's, she took him over to Wal Mart to pick up paint for the next day's pep rally so he could do this...

Waller won that game too!

Go Bulldogs! Congratulations on your Homecoming victories!

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Allen and Rita Smith said...

Congrats Will on the shut out!!! You looked great in these pics.