Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday Surprises

On Saturday morning I was the last one at Robin's to wake. I am usually the first one up at my house...but I guess all the comings and goings of the previous week had worn me down more than I knew.

After a couple of lazy cups of coffee, we said goodbye to Kelley who had previous obligations and the three of us headed out for a workday.

Robin graciously stopped to fuel us up on doughnuts and kolaches before the day began. Then we drove over to a local storage unit.

This was my first time inside an indoor, climate controlled unit. It makes you wonder what is hidden behind all those doors, doesn't it? (To me, a storage unit is the epitome of the American culture...we want more than we can even we pay to store what we don't have room to use...but that's another post for another day!)
Today's visit to the unit was about helping a friend get ready to launch her dream. Sometime in the next 30 days, Robin will be announcing the Grand Opening of her store: Mimosa Rose, Where Gifts & Accessories Bloom! Exciting!

Can you feel the anticipation as the doors were rising?
What would we see? What would we find? It was like waiting to see the tree on Christmas morning after all the gifts have arrived!

And this was the smallest stack of boxes. (You can click here to read Robin's account of the day and to see pictures of the other unit next door.)

Let me be honest and say...I had a blast! Being able to touch and handle all the different goodies, never knowing what would be in the next box. I have a Christmas wish list a mile long after work day.
SHAMELESS ADVERTIZING ALERT: (Y'all seriously need to check out this store. She has started a website which you can go to by clicking on the name above...and you can 'friend' Mimosa Rose on facebook. "Like" it and you can see all kinds of cute merchandise! She is even carrying Arkansas Razorback items which are hard to come by here in Aggie/Longhorn land!)

But, I can see how it wasn't quite so exciting for Robin. She knows she has to finish it ALL before Grand Opening!

Stacy worked on boxes near the door...

...while I worked in the back corner.

And Robin worked all over the place. She was the one with all the she had to be everywhere at once!

If she heard, "Does this go to the store or to Sugar Plum Market?" once, she heard it a hundred times.
ANOTHER SHAMLESS PLUG ALERT: (Check her out at Sugar Plum Market on November 4-6. There is even a coupon for 15% off the purchase on Preview Night!)

Five hours after we arrived (with one VERY SHORT break to gulp down lunch over the boxes) the storage room looked like this:

(That's actually 15 man hours, y'all!)
Everything in this room is tagged and sorted. Ready to go to Market or to the store! (Believe me, there are more boxes in this room than it looks like in this picture! The picture is VERY deceiving!)
And as a final note, let me add that 'climate controlled' does not mean it was cool in there. I looked horrible in that picture and I smelled worse when we were through. All I wanted when I got home was a SHOWER! Yuck!

And when I got home, I had another surprise.

Jim, Brianne and Will had been hard at work all day themselves putting up hot wire for the cows. It has been really dry and they needed some new pasture to graze. Jim also needed to till under the he killed two birds with one stone.

There is nary an okra leaf left on any of the I would say that is their favorite.

And did you notice our 'cowdog' in the picture?

This is Josh's dog, Blue. He stays with Bri a few days of the week while Josh is out on the rig. He was making sure that everyone stayed in line!

Jim pulled up two chairs to the edge of the driveway (after I got my shower!) and invited me to sit and watch the cows graze with him. We stayed there while Bri and Will headed out for the last night of the fair.

When it got too dark to take more pictures and the cows were just a darker blur in our vision... we scooped up the 'granddog' and headed into the house. Jim cooked me a big old rib eye steak. (I made the baked potatoes but don't tell him I had the easier task). We sat down, watched a little television and then turned in for the night.
A good workday...full of surprises for everyone! Especially me and the cows!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Robin's store. I will definitely check out the websites. It's a lot of hard work but I know Robin is enjoying every minute of it and it will be worth it at the Grand Opening.