Friday, October 22, 2010

More Peeps With My Peeps

We assembled six more S'mores In A Jar on Sunday evening.
Will crushed the graham crackers. (Little brothers always have some frustration to vent!)
Brian poured the graham crackers in the jar and placed the ghosts inside.

Bri added the M&M's and the brown sugar.

While I just took pictures and tied on the bows when they were finished.

Who says you can't have craft time with your kids once they grow up?

Have you done anything with your grown kids lately? I need ideas!


Doug said...

Take 'em to Vegas after we get settled!

Deidra said...

Last night I made banana bread and while it baked, my son and I watched mindless television. It sounds so simple, but it was quite a big deal.

I was so happy to see you at my place yesterday! So very good to see you there.