Friday, October 8, 2010

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Warning: the following post was written in a state of excitement and may be a little spastic!

So, this afternoon I had a few errands to run. Nothing big. A stop at Hobby Lobby. The dry cleaners. The grocery store. Normal, getting-ready-for-the-weekend kind of stuff. I had called Jim and let him know that I would be home in a couple of hours for our date night.

Hobby Lobby was my first stop. I needed some Halloween ribbon for my Peep project and some maroon paint for Will's homecoming next week. I figured Hobby Lobby would be the best place to make sure I could find it all.

Anyway, as I parked the truck I noticed a car pulling up into a parking spot two over from me. Something about the way he pulled in made me think that he was following me (but not in a scary way). (I tried to explain that feeling to Jim and he didn't get all. It must be a woman thing!)

As I opened my door, I noticed the young man coming around the back of his car. He nodded and then greeted me. He mentioned that he had noticed the Razorback decal on the back of my truck.

And then he began to hand me something...

two tickets to tomorrow's Southwest Classic!

He went on to explain that he had purchased the tickets for a client and had forgotten about them until earlier this week. By the time he had contacted the client, they had other plans for this weekend and couldn't go. he was with two tickets to a game in Dallas that he wasn't interested in and the tickets would just be thrown away...when he noticed the vehicle in front of him with a decal from one of the teams playing!

So...he GAVE me the two tickets! FREE! Just saying, "have fun" and acknowledging that God has a way of working things together.

I hope I sounded as sincerely thankful as I felt. I was just so shocked by the gesture! We chatted a few minutes more as we walked into the store. (He was there to have something framed.)

So...tomorrow morning we are heading to Dallas for the Arkansas vs Texas A&M game at Cowboy Stadium!

But I still have to go back to Hobby Lobby for Will's paint because I forgot all about it...and the dry cleaning...and the groceries!

Oh, well. There is always next week!


Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

OMGosh! You are so lucky! :) Enjoy the game dear!

Allen and Rita Smith said...

Hope you and Jim enjoyed your trip to Dallas. I did think of you and the Razorbacks this weekend. I helped a friend at her church bazaar and the booth next to hers had Christmas ornaments. Guess what she had???? Yep, a Razorback one. I almost got you one but I figured you had more than you know what to do with since I read that blog about Bri sorting through some of the stuff you have stored.