Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Southwest Classic 2010

Saturday, October 9 started REALLY early for us. We had plans to LEAVE the house at 7. (Hey, it was a Saturday! 7 AM is early for a Saturday!)

From left to right: Me, Brianne, Derrick, Meagan, Brian and Will.
The crew that were headed to Dallas for the:
We had to share the highway and the stops with A LOT of maroon and white. But it was worth it.
We arrived at our prepaid parking lot at about 11:25. I was a little miffed because they wouldn't let us in where THEIR map told us to go...but we got in around the corner. And just in time, because as we were walking toward Cowboys Stadium, they closed our lot...with prepaid guests still wanting in! (I would not have been a happy camper since I had to buy TWO parking passes!)
We got to the stadium before the doors opened. And at Cowboys Stadium...that is a VERY literal statement.
The doors open all the way to the top of the building! It was slow, but cool to watch happen.
Here is a picture of the field from where Derrick, Meagan, Bri and I sat. Brian and Will were much closer. They were in a preferred section that we couldn't even get into!
While our seats were at the top of Cowboys Stadium.
As you can see there are only about five rows above us. THAT IS HIGH!
I love this picture! The only way it could be any better is if Kelli were there too.
These guys may not have been raised in Arkansas (and actually the last two were born in Texas) but they are Razorback fans through and through.
And speaking of Razorback fans:
We are slowly but surely converting him. He may have arrived in a Southwest Classic t-shirt that did not identify which side you were rooting for..but look! He went and bought a Hog shirt! With his own money! Not a gift!
At the end of the day...the score was 24-17...and the Hogs went home with the trophy! A GOODE day, indeed!

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